saint ursula academy

Strategizing the High School Admissions Process

September 17, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

This program, in partnership with LEAP, is beneficial for 7th and 8th grade students and parents.  

Online Registration is now closed for Strategizing the High School Admissions Process. Please email if you have any questions."

Please note that Saint Ursula Academy will be complying with social distancing regulations for this event.  We will be taking temperatures as visitors enter the campus.  Visitors must also fill out the COVID-19 wellness form upon arrival.  Masks will be provided and are required.   Please make sure to follow all Ohio COVID-19 safety protocols before arriving at SUA:

I understand that my Child’s participation in the Activity is purely voluntary and is a privilege and not a right, and that my Child, and I on behalf of my Child, agree to my Child’s participation in the Activity in spite of the risks of injury, illness, infectious and/or communicable disease (such as MRSA, influenza, or COVID-19), and death.  I agree that if my Child has underlying heath concerns which may place him/her at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 or that would possibly increase the severity of illness if COVID-19 is contracted, then my Child and I will consult with a health care professional before participating in the Activity.  

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