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Saint Ursula Academy

Request for Social Media Account for a Team/Club/Group/Organization

All social media accounts using Saint Ursula Academy logos, the school name, SUA, Bulldogs, or acting as an official SUA social media account must be approved by the Communications Department. Jill Cahill, Director of Communications, or Misha Bell, Social Media Coordinator, would be happy to discuss the reasons for this application process if you have questions.

  • Platforms listed below are the ONLY platforms which will be approved.
  • i.e. @SUAbulldogs
  • All clubs/teams/organizations/groups must have an adult who will monitor the account and accept responsibility for content and for transfer of the account from year-to-year.
  • If your need could be met on the regular social media accounts, SUA is happy to post that information for you if you send an email to
  • Please list your quarterly plan for posting content to this social media platform.

    In order to retain followers and maintain engagement on social media platforms, the person running the account should have a plan so that the account does not become idle.
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