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Paw Pals Mentor Program

The Paw Pals Mentor Program enables alumnae to share their professional and personal experience with current SUA juniors and seniors. The connections made throughout this program help prepare our students for a successful future. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to encourage and guide students on academic advice, career goals, and personal development and achievements. While the time commitment will vary between mentorship, we encourage mentors and mentees to connect on a monthly basis (i.e phone calls, coffees, emails or in-person meetings). Some possible opportunities to interact through the program are; networking events, athletic events, volunteer opportunities, and discussions. Alumnae do not have to be local Cincinnatians to participate in the Paw Pal program. We invite alumnae from all over to be a part of the Paw Pal program. 

As a symbol of gratitude, we do ask that the mentor pay it forward by “investing” in your mentee by paying for any lunch, coffee, or experience together. This will be based again on your time commitment and flexibility. 

If you have additional questions, please contact Cathleen Neiser ’10 at or (513) 961 3410 ext 176.

Thank you, 

Saint Ursula Academy, Office of Alumnae Relations

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